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Beacon Capital Partners (“Beacon”), one of the world’s pre-eminent owners of Class A office buildings, is recognized across the real estate industry as a leader in crisis planning, training and management. We have been part of Beacon’s emergency planning and response team for 14 years. Beacon was the first real estate firm recognized for “Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology” by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and our initial communications planning was part of that review.


We developed a robust communications plan for property management, with internal and external statement templates, so we can act quickly together in times of crisis. We also compiled and trained property management on media procedures to help streamline the crisis incident reporting process to Beacon leadership and the entire Crisis Response Team.

Most recently, we assisted Beacon with internal communications around COVID-19 and continuously monitored social and traditional media throughout Washington D.C., Seattle, WA, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, Salt Lake City, NV, and Chicago, IL, to inform property managers of large crowds and nearby activity around their buildings stemming from the nation’s political and social equity protests.


Over the years, we have helped Beacon and its property teams manage dozens of challenging situations from Superstorm Sandy to electrical fires and protests, carefully navigating the media landscape to protect Beacon’s reputation.

Throughout the civil unrest over this past year and beyond, we have helped property managers feel equipped with all the information they need to best protect their buildings and tenants.

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