Elevating and protecting reputations is a defining strength of Issues Management Group. Our senior leaders oversee a team that is cross trained on crisis planning and management, including the use of social media as a monitoring and response system during times of crisis. We excel at working with in-house and outside legal counsel and client communications teams to devise communications strategies to dovetail with the legal strategy.

We have managed more than 300 complex issues for an array of private, public, and non-profit brands across a huge range of topics, including: high-profile leadership transitions and change management; bankruptcies; layoffs; fiscal mismanagement; construction accidents; state and federal investigations; whistleblower suits; fires; public health and environmental crises; data breaches; labor negotiations and strikes; accusations of sexual assault, harassment and abuse; natural disasters; and workplace violence, injuries, and deaths.

In our capacity as crisis prevention and management experts, we deliver a full range of communications and planning services including:

  • Strategic Counsel
  • Crisis Plan Development
  • Messaging
  • News and Social Media Monitoring
  • Media Training
  • Tabletop Exercises
  • Acting as Spokespeople
  • Written Statements, Media Advisories, and News Releases
  • Press Briefings
  • Creating and Managing Off-Site Crisis Centers
  • Post-Crisis Evaluations and Recommendations

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With decades of experience in politics, media, government, and public relations, Issues Management Group leverages our expertise to propel and protect established, transitioning, and emerging organizations.

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