At Issues Management Group, real estate is part of our founding DNA, and our fingerprints can be found on successful developments across the Northeast and throughout the country. Our clients are the nation’s leading developers of luxury residential, market rate, and affordable housing; the pioneers of urban life science research & development labs; and the largest developers and owners of Class A commercial office space in America’s biggest cities.

The breadth of our work in the real estate sector over the last two decades has enabled us to maintain a deep network of contacts with developers, architects, engineers, brokers, realtors, lenders, attorneys, public officials, and the media. Our communications team understands how to shape the narrative around a development, while our public affairs team excels at securing community and political support for permitting and zoning approvals.

Related Beal

We raise Related Beal’s corporate profile in the Boston market across sectors, spreading awareness for individual projects and heightening visibility for senior leadership.

Related Beal Case Study

Our real estate team leverages its relationships, experience, and understanding of the media landscape to get developments approved, leased, and sold. We provide:

  • Strategic Communications Planning & Execution
  • Media Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Media Training
  • Event Management
  • Community Relations
  • Advocacy and Permitting Support

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With decades of experience in politics, media, government, and public relations, Issues Management Group leverages our expertise to propel and protect established, transitioning, and emerging organizations.

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