Benefits to Creating Volunteer Opportunities Through the Workplace

by Sandra Rosado, Account Coordinator

The concept that collaboration with colleagues grows only within the four walls of an office is outdated. Beyond grabbing lunch or happy hour cocktails with coworkers, teams can truly grow through volunteer opportunities. If you have the fortune of working at a great company or small business, you may have had the opportunity to volunteer with your teammates at a local organization already. If not, below are four reasons why you and your colleagues should make volunteer opportunities at work a possibility:


Collaboration improves in a work setting when professionals trust each other. Through volunteer opportunities, individuals from diverse backgrounds and different generations get to bond differently than from their desk or office.


Presently employees want to see more than just a monetary donation to a local nonprofit from their employer.  The time out of office where you feel the depth of your contribution – makes for more happy and bonded employees.


Have you ever experienced a runner’s high? 94% of people who volunteer know their overall mood improves with volunteering according to Project Helping. What better way to boost morale than to offer employees opportunities to boost endorphins while supporting the community?


How your workplace engages with its community and its social needs says a lot. Employers that demonstrate a deep consideration for their communities translates to a compassion for its employees.

At Issues Management Group, we have a fantastic group known as the Fun Committee that plans creative outings, including volunteer opportunities. If you want to bring opportunities to your colleagues, below are some great organizations IMG has worked with in the past:

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Boys and Girls Club of Boston
  • Building Impact
  • Children’s Advocacy Center of Suffolk County
  • Cradles to Crayons
  • Greater Boston Food Bank
  • Rosie’s place
  • Women’s Lunch Place

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