Creativity to the MAX

by Jaymie Caponigro, Creative Account Coordinator

My “Adobe MAX: The Creativity Conference” Recap

Pioneering innovation with the creation of the first desktop publishing tool to now shaping the way creatives produce images and designs, Adobe has continuously revolutionized the way in which we create and consume media.

The multinational computer software company’s mission is to not only invent the future, but to also make creativity more accessible. Creativity takes on different forms for different people. Some gravitate to photography, or painting, while others are conquering newer landscapes like AI design and 3D design. But Adobe has made one thing clear; creativity is for all.

Adobe’s mission to enable individuals to design whenever and wherever creativity strikes was the company’s focal point during their Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, California from October 18th to October 20th.

The Adobe MAX conference first started in 2003 as a small gathering in Salt Lake City, Utah, and over the years has transformed into an experience that connects millions through the shared interest of cutting-edge design. Offering both an in-person and virtual conference experience, Adobe has successfully created products and events that enhance your creative process.

The conference kicked off with the release of the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Cloud, which was developed to help creators overcome everyday design challenges. The latest version of the Creative Cloud contains updates with immersive experiences, speed and productivity, and even collaborative workspace technology.

Inspirational Speakers & Workshops

While attending this year’s virtual conference, I listened to creative professionals at keynote speaking sessions and attended workshops that helped expand my design toolbelt. From comedian Kevin Hart to Grammy-nominated artist DJ & producer Steve Aoki, this three-day conference was filled with well-known speakers and instructors that shared advice and stories of what drives them as creators. During Steve Aoki’s inspirational keynote, he reminded listeners to “enjoy the process”. With the speed in which trends change and the pressure of always needing to stay relevant, sometimes creatives lose sight of the bigger picture. Aoki encouraged listeners to remember their love for what they do and what fuels them.

This idea of inspiration and drive was continued throughout the workshops that were offered. Whether you wanted to learn about social media animation or the power of color, Adobe offered a session about it. These step-by-step tutorials not only taught the attendees new skills, but also demonstrated streamlined design practices that increase productivity.

Collaborative Workspaces

Creativity is a team effort. As a designer, I believe that nothing great can be made alone. Adobe is driving the future of collaborative creativity through their newest release of the Creative Cloud. With this update, I learned that the click of a button and a simple URL link allows your work to be shared seamlessly with others for editing purposes. The days of continuously exporting files for review are a thing of the past.

This new update will not only help make workflow faster, but it also helps the designer understand edits and changes easier. These collaborative workspace changes in the Creative Cloud are weaving design and technology together to propel the software into the future.

Personal Growth

This conference goes beyond learning about clipping masks in Photoshop or being able to draw a perfect circle in Illustrator. Over the past twenty years, Adobe MAX’s purpose has shifted from informational sessions to a celebration of creativity. The speakers and workshops inspire, and Adobe as a company continues to raise the bar for innovation through their groundbreaking tools

Everyone’s creative journey is different, but my personal experience as a designer has been enhanced because of attending conferences like Adobe MAX. It is inspiring to learn about others and be part of a community where individuals are continuing to push the boundaries for what is possible. I look forward to taking what I have learned and applying it to my work to make the world a more colorful and expressive place.

As the conference ended, it was clear Adobe’s products can help creatives bring their ideas to life. If you or your business are looking to give your visual identity a new look, our digital team at Issues Management Group is fully trained in the Adobe Creative Suite and can help identify ways for your business to stand out. From developing a strategy to building out the visuals of a brand, we offer creative solutions that will help you improve your business.

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