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The Top Boston Calendars to List Your Upcoming Events

by Tori Sullivan, Account Executive

Calendar Listing sites are an important resource to help raise awareness of your events prior to the day-of. Easily accessible to the public, calendar listings are a one-stop site for the happenings in a given neighborhood, with all the details and answers to any questions you may have available right at your fingerprints. The best features of most calendar listings are that they are free to submit to and easily sharable via social media.

Having experience planning events and securing coverage of them, here are my top 4 Boston calendar listing sites for your next event.

The Boston Calendar

Boston Calendar is always my first stop. With over 115,000 Instagram followers, it not only keeps me up to date with events in my area, but also reposts local photographers’ shots around the city and state. My favorite part is that it often posts on social media platforms about free events and highlights giveaways! The site is also extensive, highlighting events for every interest and age group, and consumers have come to trust the events it features are the best around.

Boston Central

Don’t let the name “Boston Central” fool you, the site features events across the state. For this reason, it is great option for event submissions because readers from around the Commonwealth will see your event. The site distributes a weekly newsletter to 100,000 subscribers, ensuring your event gets the exposure it deserves without paying a penny.

All Events In

Submitting your event to All Events In is a surefire way to get exposure. This site is another fan favorite, featuring not only in-person events and concerts, but also online classes. The site is extremely user friendly and allows event planners to provide as many details as they like. The site also allows submitters to assign tags to the event to optimize search tools.


The last on my list of must-use event calendars is EventBrite. EventBrite is a global site that attracts millions of viewers and therefore is one of the most popular resource for event planners. EventBrite also has the option to serve as a platform to sell tickets (for a small fee). The site is so expansive and user-friendly, there is no shortage of good times at your fingerprints.

As in-person events slowly start to re-emerge, our team of seasoned event planners and PR professionals recommends considering these sites to help get your event the exposure it deserves!

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