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Christina Gordon on Empowering Women and Girls

This month we were delighted to welcome Christina Gordon, CEO and Co-Founder of The Women’s Foundation of Boston, as a guest on We’ve Got Issues. Gordon’s vast knowledge and experience in women’s studies and finance have been instrumental in the grant-making organization’s success to date, investing in projects that promote the economic advancement, leadership and well-being of women and girls in the Greater Boston area.

During our conversation, Gordon explained how investing in women and girls leads to a multiplier effect of resources, time and effort being put back into the community, and why it’s so important to support nonprofits that solely focus on that demographic. We also discussed The Women’s Foundation of Boston’s unique approach to grantmaking, and how the organization is planning for its next five years and beyond, with a focus on sustainability and expansion. 

Click on the link here to listen to the full episode.

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