IMG Celebrates Earth Day | Massachusetts & New York    

Four years ago, with the support of IMG’s Fun Committee, we conceptualized “Earth Week” as an opportunity to celebrate Mother Earth for more than just a day, and use the opportunity to collaborate with our colleagues on ways to educate ourselves about little things to improve our personal sustainability, as well as come together outside of the office when able to collectively make a difference. 

Our team is excited to see where we continue to focus our efforts in the future and continue to put our energy into keeping Mother Earth healthy, one year at a time. 

Somerville & Cambridge (“Camberville”) 

Anyone familiar with the cities of Cambridge and Somerville (we’ll call them “Camberville” for ease of reference), probably isn’t surprised that environmental consciousness is top of mind well beyond a single day. These municipalities offer a wide range of opportunities to care for Mother Earth.  

City living does not always afford the necessary space to garden, which makes Somerville and Cambridge’s community garden programs an attractive offering for residents seeking to flex their green thumbs. Unsurprisingly, there’s a wait list to get involved, reflecting just how much interest they’ve amassed. For those looking to get involved more immediately, consider participating in Somerville’s Adopt-a-Tree program. Upkeep is fairly hassle-free and it serves to brighten the urban environment.   

Not sure where to start or looking to improve horticulture knowledge, generally? The Somerville Garden Club offers a community-based forum for education and garden-focused volunteering opportunities. The programmatic offerings are complemented by additional incentives, including discounts to local favorite Pemberton Farms.  

Caring for the planet doesn’t have to occupy free time, though. Improving waste disposal habits is a simple way of doing your part, and Camberville makes it easy. Somerville has a really cool “Waste Wizard” tool to look up what the most appropriate sorting method would be to avoid having to just guess. Cambridge offers composting, with pick up aligning with regular trash and recycling collection (Somerville does as well, but it’s currently not available).

Metro Boston 

The City of Boston and neighbor organizations support environmental causes all throughout the year; especially during Earth Month. In fact, City Hall Plaza gathers for an Earth Day Extravaganza today to recognize their Go Green and Save Green initiative. Other events can be found in Boston.com’s Earth Day festivities round-up. 

For Earth Month, organizations like Mass Audubon host outdoor volunteer opportunities throughout the state – from Martha’s Vineyard to the Berkshires. They also share an impressive list of outdoor places to explore on their website year-round.  

Northshore MA 

North of Boston, there are many places you can visit to experience all of mother nature’s beauty. The Northshore is full of farms, reservations, walking trails, suburban parks, marshes, lakes, and (of course) stunning beaches. You could spend the whole day outdoors and never run out of things to do when you head north of the city. 

My favorite part about Boston’s Northshore is the ease of getting from one location to another. You can drive by rocky shorelines, open pastures, and through recognizable small towns like Newburyport and Rockport.  

As a member of The Trustees of Reservations, I am always looking for new trails and hosted events to take in some of the Northshore’s nature-forward and historic locations. Some of our local farms host clean-ups and project days for those looking to be hands-on while others host festivals with casual outdoor gathering spaces, live music, food, drinks, and PYO (pick-your-own) fruit and flowers. 

If you find yourself on the Northshore this week there are numerous events you can attend to show your love for Mother Earth. With the warmer weather fast approaching, treat yourself to an ice cream special on April 22nd at Holy Cow Ice Cream in Gloucester or Peabody and all the proceeds will benefit the Cape Ann Climate Coalition. Visit Smolak Farms in North Andover on Earth Day to enjoy craft making, an “edible cup of dirt” and a chance to feed some of their friendly farm animals. On April 27th make your way to Swampscott’s Town Hall for Earth Fest to learn about local environmental organizations, purchase a used bike to help cut down on your carbon footprint, and take home your very own hornbeam tree to plant. No matter what type of event you are looking for, the Northshore has something for you!  

New York 

As the warmer weather rolls around, I am always excited to welcome back the neighborhood and beach clean ups around our area and witness all the volunteers that come out to beautify our communities. Around New York City, organizations are regularly hosting events to highlight the beauty of the season and embrace opportunities to discuss sustainability and ways to protect our precious planet.  

Each year, Partnerships for Parks, a joint program of NYC Parks and the City Parks Foundation, presents projects across New York for thousands of New Yorkers to come together to volunteer and celebrate their neighborhood parks and public spaces. Throughout the remainder of April, there are over 30 events planned across the city designed to keep our communities beautiful.  

I’m inspired by NYC Mayor Adams’s commitment to the environment by championing his climate leadership team during his time in office to focus on environmental protection and environmental justice across New York City. Under Commissioner Aggarwala, NYC has developed a sustainability plan, PlaNYC, to deliver near-term benefits to New Yorkers while simultaneously working toward achieving ambitious long-term climate goals. When launched last year, New York City became the first big city in America to launch a climate budgeting initiative to focused on prioritizing climate change and environmental justice in investments and decision-making, which will ultimately play a huge role in improving the quality of life for New York residents.  

Simultaneously happening to combat long-term consequences, last summer the New York City Council approved a bill that will require New Yorkers to separate their food waste from trash, with the goal of reducing the amount of organic waste sent to landfills, which then produces methane. Momentous items moving across our elected officials’ desks are reassuring to know that actions are being taken to make a difference.

Being located throughout the states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, our team is always looking for new ways to get outdoors and celebrate Mother Earth. This Thursday, our Boston team will be planting Earth Day seedlings together. 

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