MLB Creative Hitting it Out of the Park This Season   

By Bianca Hanson, Director of Creative Services 

As baseball fans gear up to watch their favorite players take the field, professionals in the creative and social media spaces have watched to see what’s catching eyes this season. Beyond a few viral moments, like Blake Snell stirring up rumors from a 1-emoji Instagram Story, there has been a full roster of social media posts and creative ad campaigns for viewers to take in. 

MLB may be streaming on many-a TV this season, but ads running in conjunction with league trends, former players sharing their stories in campaigns, and home run social media posts offer an impact that goes well beyond the scoreboard. As astute observers of all things social media, we were bound to have some favorites. 

Boston Red Sox Music to Our Ears

Kicking it off with our home team, we loved the Red Sox season intro featuring the one and only Boston Pops. The video opened with the dramatic lighting of Fenway Park followed by a woman on the piano and a voiceover of conductor Keith Lockhart. The captivating opener is followed by clips of several players training for the season, posing in their uniforms, and action shots from former seasons. 

As a Red Sox fan, I was excited to see the team include another legendary Boston institution in their season opener teaser. The way it was pulled together with powerful clips of the stadium, action shots of players and the field, and scenes from Fenway – our beloved ballpark – was impactful to those familiar with the city of Boston.

Seattle Mariners Viral Commercial Series

2024 is not the first year the Seattle Mariners have gone viral for their entertaining commercials. We expect to see more commercials roll out as the season progresses, but our favorite so far is No Fly Zone – a humorous homage to Julio Rodriguez’s defensive celebration. The commercial, posted on March 27th, already has 1.1 million views.  

These short commercial spots are good for a laugh and make players feel more relatable. We love seeing teams play on humor through fan favorites. If Luis Castillo takes his impression of “The Rock” to the field, they’ll have us all falling out of our seats. 

Budweiser’s Center Fridge MLB Team Cans

After a rocky year for parent brand Anheuser-Busch, Budweiser is looking to win the hearts of baseball fans with team-themed cans ready for their ‘Center Fridge’ debut. Notably, the cans will only be on shelves for 15 MLB teams – sorry Red Sox fans. What some may not know is Budweiser is the longest running sponsor of the MLB. They have shown their support of the league in many ways throughout the years but, through their signature heartwarming ad campaigns, Budweiser knows how to get our attention. 

MLB Teams Capitalize on the Fit Check

As the saying goes, the world is your runway. Several MLB teams have taken advantage of viewer fascination over how players dress when they show up to the stadium. We have seen the viral “fit check” from our favorite NFL and NHL players in the past, so why not expand that to baseball? Some of the teams highlighting their players’ arrival looks include the Chicago Cubs, Washington Nationals, Pittsburgh Pirates, and the MLB’s own account. 

It’s All in the Embrace

When we saw the MLB post on April 1st about a historic night in Houston, the embrace photo caught our eye instantly. The post has 300 thousand impressions and climbing in less than 24 hours. These emotional moments between players, like the now recognizable post-game celebrations between the Bruins’ Ullmark and Swayman, just feel wholesome when often social media can leave us feeling quite the opposite. 

New York Yankees Take the Metro

The New York Yankees have adopted a GIF design depicting a train and a vintage-style screen with celebratory moments from players alongside a winning score. From the flickering lights of the Metro to the vintage (some might say dusty) vibe of the station, the GIF with 745 thousand impressions – and climbing – certainly caught our eyes. 

Across the board, we love the look of the team starting lineups and game day rosters that have been shared across social media platforms. The teams take their brand look and feel and change up graphics that draw attention from all of their loyal fans. 

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