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5 Creative & Timely Topics for Pitching Real Estate to Reporters

by Jessica Petro, Account Executive

Pitching reporters is no easy task—especially in an industry with intense competition, bustling activity, and a surplus of players. Here at SM&C, we’ve spent years cultivating relationships with the industry’s top writers and have learned some of the best ways to cut through the noise and deliver for our clients.

Whether you’re pitching residential, commercial, or anything in between, here are the top ways to get your project on real estate reporters’ radars and into the news.

Health and Wellness

The pandemic has emphasized the importance and value of health and wellness – and reporters have taken notice. Not only do health-conscious designs stand out with tenants, but reporters also want to know how our clients are prioritizing the wellbeing of tenants and visitors.

Certifications like LEED and Fitwel are impressive designations that provide proof of a project’s commitment to health, wellness and sustainability.

The Latest and Greatest Amenities

In an increasingly competitive environment, reporters will be interested in hearing how a client’s project takes amenities to the next level. Does your residential building support the newest smart home app or have an Instagram-worthy roof deck with stellar views? Does your office building feature occupancy analytics, real-time cleaning updates, and hybrid capabilities?

When thinking about what to promote to reporters, consider the amenities that are either most popular with tenants or the most unique in the market. In-building fitness space might not be groundbreaking news to a reporter, but features like individual workout “pods” with access to virtual trainers might set a building apart from the pack.

Outdoor Space

Much like health and wellness, properties with ample outdoor space are more likely to catch a reporter’s eye, especially when there are exciting programmatic offerings that take advantage of the space. A sprawling, well-manicured greenspace is beautiful, but how is it being used?

Reporters want to see how outdoor space is activated and integrated within the existing neighborhood. Regular fitness classes, farmer’s markets or community partnership events are not only fun, but they also show that a project is dynamic and attuned to residents’ needs.

Sustainability and Resilience

The recent climate report published by the United Nations has elevated the conversation around climate change and sustainability. As a result, more reporters have taken interest in companies that have proactive sustainability efforts. While these efforts are incredibly advanced, innovation is occurring every day, giving clients a great opportunity to stand out from competitors and show key audiences that they are committed to change.

Major Milestones

Reporters love news that is relevant and timely. If your client’s project is nearing a major milestone such as a groundbreaking, full leasing, or topping off, it’s worth making reporters aware. Even if they choose not to cover that specific milestone, keeping them up to date on your client’s project will position you as a consistent, trusted source.

In this current news environment it takes a lot to catch a reporter’s attention, but our real estate team at SM&C is here to ensure that our clients always receive the recognition they deserve.

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